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Monday Randall Series

Every Monday
4 pm - 2 am

This Monday is our first experiment with the Randall. A Randall is an in-line beer infusion system, invented by our friends at Dogfish Head. Connect it to a tap (we are using Monument Brown Ale) and fill it with flavor-enhancing ingredients (we are using candy-roasted butternut squash with nutmeg and cinnamon) to end up with a delicious new beer infusion! Join bartenders Casey and Brendan as they infuse the hell out of some beer.


Gutierrez Memorial Walk Pre-Walk Fundraiser

Oct 2021
This Saturday, our wonderful neighbors at Gutierrez Studio are holding their annual John K. Gutierrez Memorial Walk. The walk honors the memory of John K. Gutierrez and raises money for the Gutierrez Memorial Fund, dedicated to supporting the arts in Maryland.
We are so lucky to be in such a great neighborhood and have such amazing neighbors. Since we will all be working at Blue Pit this Saturday and can’t join in the fun, we’ve decided to throw a pre-walk fundraiser! We will be donating 10% of all sales from the entire night (3 pm-10 pm) to the Gutierrez Memorial Fund. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by, grab a drink or something to eat and help us jumpstart the fundraising for the 2021 Gutierrez Memorial Walk!
Most importantly, visit https://gutierrezmemorialfund.com and join the walk this Saturday!