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Blue Pit BBQ Does it Right

Overall, Blue Pit manages to pull off something quite remarkable. Like the fancy rye whiskeys behind the bar, it takes a really down-home style and make it a bit upscale, without losing the characteristics of the original.

City Paper, Baltimore

Blue Pit BBQ in Hampden in Likeable and Tasty

Barbecue aficionados are an opinionated bunch and may have a few quibbles with some of Blue Pit’s preparations; it is a cuisine that inspires lot of debate. But overall, Blue Pit, and its friendly staff, do barbecue (and drinks) well.

At Blue Pit, both the drinks and the food are made with obvious care. Which makes them very easy to love.

Baltimore Sun

Best Drinks of 2014

A bit later in the season, Blue Pit BBQ opened. Well sort of. The Woodberry spot made an ingenious move: Before it could officially open its kitchen (thanks, BGE!), Blue Pit opened its bar by hanging a “Whiskey Open” sign out front. Soon, the buzz around its awesome drink program started and the very first cocktail we tried was a strawberry-rhubarb Old Fashioned, pictured. Perfectly sweet, tart, and boozy. Now Blue Pit features rotating Old Fashioned recipes, depending on what’s in season.

-Baltimore magazine, 2014